PortraitYour Swiss ISP for hospitality TV in the DACH region

We are an independent Swiss ISP specialising in the development and implementation of hospitality TV solutions. We currently serve over 200 renowned customers in the hospitality, healthcare and judiciary sectors throughout the DACH region. We plan to expand our solutions to the B2C market in 2024. We are the official hospitality TV partner of Quickline, the third-largest Swiss ISP with over 300,000 customers.

Our strengths

01Niche and industry focus

We specialise in hospitality TV for the hotel, healthcare and judiciary sectors – industries with unique requirements. With our solutions and expertise, we fulfil complex customer needs with impressive simplicity.

03Technology leadership

We have been developing hospitality TV solutions with state-of-the-art technologies for over 20 years, always in close collaboration with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Intel and Samsung. Thanks to maximum high-end redundancy and a multi-secured network, our solutions also have the lowest downtime rate in Switzerland.

02Extensive partner network

We maintain a large partner network of IT and multimedia service providers. We are also the official hospitality TV partner of Quickline, the third-largest Swiss ISP with over 300,000 customers. Our strong network enables us to provide customers with comprehensive advisory services – from the initial operating concept onwards.

04Broad and diverse customer base

Over 200 customers from the entire DACH region currently benefit from our solutions, from the smallest companies to large group hotel organisations. Thanks to our flexibility, we implement customised solutions for every need.

In over two decades of our company's existence, Prime Time has established itself as a pioneer in the development of hospitality TV solutions, specialising in the needs of the hotel, healthcare and judiciary sectors. Our technological leadership and our extensive partner network enable us to implement customised solutions and solve complex challenges efficiently.

Daniel Bracher

CEO, Prime Time AG

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